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Trees are useful and beneficial but humble


Hi everyone,

I live in a part of a city where there are no trees in alleys and streets. And yeah, that is really an uninteresting landscape.

Today, while I was sitting in my car to drive to the olive farm, I was as happy as a child who is going to visit Disney Land.

Sometimes, our daily life in big cities, makes us forget about nature, trees, and plants. Sometimes we just stop seeing how hard these humble creatures try to give us fresh air, fresh fruits, and fresh spirit.

I remember someday, a friend of mine said: I’ve been a farmer for 15 years and I have had to work with plants, seeds, and trees and I have never seen anything other than benefit from them but we do not act appreciative and we harm defenseless plants.

مزرعه زیتون

Since that day, I try to be more kind to trees and when I see them, I talk to them and I treat them in a friendly way because I know they are human’s best friends.

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